Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I'll be gone for a few months., find me at my new site!

Hello everybody!

I unfortunately haven't been able to blog for a while. I have been incredibly busy with a brand new project; I have been interning for Sustainable Life Media for the past couple weeks and have been writing from a fresh blog called SB Designers where I talk about eco-friendly fashion and sustainable designs! The blog will include sustainable ideas, as well as inspirational creations linked in with the Sustainable Life Media group and their Sustainable Brands conference.

For the next few months, I will be writing from my new blog along with many other sustainable designers, feel free to check out my new blog here.

Join me over at the new site and learn more about sustainability everyday!!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Style Guide: Meet Jessie J

Jessie J, who just received her firsy No. 1 hit in the UK, is a fashion inspiration to many. Taking on the tough girl looks, J makes hip hop and R&B a little more fun.

Her signature short black hair is one of her biggest trademarks. Another is her bright red lipstick. The last? Her heels. Yes, her six inch high pumps. She claims that while on stage in the beginning of her career, she "never had a band. It was [her], [her] CD, [her] heels and a huge stage to fill."

Girl's tough. Like it.

check out her website.

Girls Luv Guns?

Top Gun: noun; informal; one who has attained the highest status or rank in a field or position

Historically, showing off a firearm is seen as a power front. Ever since semi-automatic or automatic weapons existed, so did an image of strength and force that came with owning one. A gun expresses the power a person has, or a veil of authority they might possess. So what have metal firearms that shoot bullets at thousands of miles per hour have to do with anything? Well, I have noticed a semi-recent obsession with the guns in popular culture, especially among women in the music industry...

Those Chanel shoes Madonna has are fantastic!

Perhaps this current obsession with guns is bringing on the new image of strong women (I mean, Rihanna has at least 4 different gun tattoos)? Are the gun images in the media getting to be too violent? Or is it just some trashy, pop culture hype that will end when another media fixation occurs?
We shall see...

Monday, February 7, 2011

Is it just me or has my last post been over two weeks ago?!

I feel horrible about not posting in so long! I've had such a busy two weeks, you wouldn't believe... But enough about that, I hate to talk about myself; I only wish to indulge my foodie, coffee, tea and fashion experiences by writing about them on here..

I live so close to so many things in the city that it is hard to find time to visit all of the exciting things. For instance, I live within walking distance of some amazing restaurants yet I decline to find the time to go. While I was sick a few weeks ago and had the craving for hearty soup and bread, I remembered the restaurant a few blocks away called Outerlands. Three words: BLOODY HELL, YES!

The wait was only 5 minutes, when the staff said 15, and when I finally sat down, I was instantly attended to with my own pitcher of water and friendly service. The romantic feel of the wood paneling around the place wasn't hurt by the candles lit on the tables. The location may be small, but it's rather gorgeous.

I ordered the Outerlands Levain Toast and some sort of squash/pumpkin soup. The soup was divine; the mixture of cinnamon spice and smooth texture made my cold go away almost immediately. The toast was genuinely to die for and I received two orders, since the soup already came with a portion on the side. Olive oil and garlic accompanied the bread, so the flavors made a perfect blend.

Perhaps I am biased on this opinion about the restaurant considering I was sick and needed hearty vegetarian food, but I still would go back to this eatery regardless!

On a side note, I've also been told their goat cheese and pear salad is marvelous...

Official Website

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Homage to thy inspiring blogger: Cindy Manit

Occasionally I will post about my favorite blogs, and friends who inspire me. Currently, you should all be reading Cindy's blog! Or blogs. Cindy is one of the most truthful, caring, and especially creative writers I have seen in a while. I always learn something with one of her posts, whether it be emotional growth, or useful information I can implement into my everyday life, I feel as if I increase my knowledge a little each and every time.

She discusses thrilling events in her life, like traveling to Thailand, and how to explore changes during your existence, like making choices based on passion. An exerpt of a few words of her writing:

"I had to jump off the boat, and swim to a ladder swinging off of the side of some rocks, climb up it to get ONTO the island and then hiked through the trees for about 5min.... to find an incredible beach filled with tourists, blue waters, soft silky sand and sexyness. This was called Aoh Maya (Maya Bay), where the film "The Beach" was filmed. My other favorite stop was BAMBOO ISLAND... omg...it was pure rawness of what PARADISE is!!!!!!! Turqouise clear water, SOFT powder like white sand, neon colored fish, and a fantastic view!! mMmmm..."

Go to Cindy's two blogs ASAP and enjoy!
Utopia Dreamz
Cindy Manit: Adventures in Experimental Living

OMG Shoes...

That reference is starting to get old.

I have been in search of the corniest, cheeky, easily-made-fun-of, and obscene shoes. I may have just found them. And they glow in the dark...

Chrissie Morris's Tron inspired pumps. UGH.

Iron Fist's Monster pumps have got me all excited...

and who can forget my favorite Rodarte shoes YET?!

For all you guys out there needing some cheesy light up footwear as well, Nike, Reebok, and many more companies have come out with their own light-up shoes.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Obsessed with: Stockings

I have lace ones, black ones, frilly ones, and the sexy thigh highs. I have see-through ones, fishnet ones, sweater ones, and ones without feet. One would say I'm obsessed, but I prefer the idea that I am purely fascinated by them.

During the shows for Fall 2010, stockings were quite popular and seen on many models in a numerous amount of shows; Alexander Wang seemed obsessed with thigh-high knit leg warmers and Anna Sui sent every girl down the runway in patterned leggings. And lately, many people have made the long warm socks their staple fashion statement for fall and winter. I have seen more tights worn by girls around the city, than I had my whole life (and I love it!)

If you're looking for something less expensive, check out all these $15-or-less ideas:

-Forever21: These Classic Sheer Tights with the adorable fake patterned jewelry around the knee is just perfect for wearing with tall boots. You can also try a knit pair, like these Herringbone Knit Leggings.

-Nordstrom: These DKNY Hosiery Crochet Tights would be good for work. Not too scandalous but still a bit sexy.

-Hot Topic: I know this place has a childish bad rep and has annoying teenage girls swarming the shelves of pink hair dye, but their selection of tights and thigh highs are amazing. The Black Rose Lace Tights are fantastic.

-Urban Outfitters: This place has overpriced goods, but occasionally I'll find a good pair of tights that's not $30. Really though... they're going to snag pretty fast if they're knits, so it's not worth the money. Find something cheap, like these Pinstripe Floral Tights and feel accomplished.